A customized follow-up

Provide support to your project by being available and attentive to your requirements.

Years of experience

Having worked with a variety of customers, I have learned to clearly identify each profile and understand their objectives in order to provide the best possible assistance and advice.


Following my Bachelor Multimedia Project Manager training and my various experiences, I am able to offer you quality services and advice.

Earn money

I guarantee you a professional work and a personalised follow-up, while proposing lower cost and better economics than an agency.

My services

You will find below the different services that I offer to companies and individuals.



Creation of visual identity: Graphic chart with moodboard, logo, colours, typography, product labels, packaging, business card etc...



PRINT or WEB communication media: flyers, billboards, kakemonos, social networks, etc.



Motion Design and video editing: graphic animations, storytelling, storyboard, post-production, logo animation...



Models for your websites or applications in collaboration with the developer for its implementation

Who am I ?

My name is Fanny and I live in the Paris region.

After my BAC, I attended a Multimedia Art school in Paris to become a Multimedia Project Manager. (Institute of Higher Schools of Arts, Paris 2nd)

Creation in the field of the WEB applications became a real passion for me.

Thanks to my experiences, working with multinational companies, like Aviva France or with smaller companies, I have learned to adapt to each type of customer and understand their expectations.

I have also learned and enjoyed team work. With each new project, a new challenge is offered to me, that’s what I like: supporting the projects of passionate people and enterprises.

Listening to the customer is very important to me in order to best transcribe his universe through my creations. In reality, these are our creations, and it is essential that the customer finds his universe, his values ​​in each one of my works.

See you soon !

My skills

My training and my experiences have allowed me to work successfully as a Multimedia Project Manager. In addition, I have chosen a specialization in Video Motion Design. In this area, I have acquired specific skills over the years and that I’m still continuing to develop further.


Branding is, in the field of marketing, the discipline of managing the brand image of companies. In the area of ​​people, we speak of personal branding or personal marketing.


Webmarketing aims to develop a business through all possible digital communication operations.


Graphic design is a discipline that consists of creating, choosing and using graphic elements (drawings, typographic characters, photos, colors, etc.) to develop a communication object.

Motion Design

Motion design (or animation design) is a technique that involves animating graphic elements. The growing appeal of the public for audiovisual content makes motion design a real opportunity for brands.


My quotes will be based on your project. Don't hesitate to let me know!


Why invest in professional communication?

Your advertising and commercial strategy requires a communication (graphic charter, website, advertising videos, etc.) that makes the difference from your competitors. This is what will attract and keep the interest of your customers.
A buyer, whether in B2B or B2C, does not just buy a product or a service, but a set of values.


As with a physical store, the representation of your brand on the web is a showcase that will attract the attention of your customers or not.

Make the difference

Your brand will stand out from others and therefore ensure your reliability and popularity with competing brands and customers.


A consistent brand image starts with a visual identity based on your values, the essence of your business.


You will gain notoriety thanks to quality communication, targeted to the people you want to address. Investing time and money to take care of your window display is essential.

Trust and loyalty

Your strategy aims to create a community of loyal customers who share your values. They must find themselves in you, precisely thanks to your communication.

Why a freelancer ?

Unlike with an agency, a freelancer, will establish a more direct and personal relationship, which will improve communication, efficacy and save time.

Out of 74% of the customers completing a B2B purchasing process, 67% do it online before any face-to-face contact. 74%

93% of Internet users do a search on Google before committing to a purchase process. 93%


You can contact me now, I can't wait to hear about your project!

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